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Beat: Page 143

September 21st, 2014, 11:45 am

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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

Reply Guest, September 21st, 2014, 11:49 am

I am worried. What is happening?

Reply Merleawe (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 11:52 am

I guess Assock has something to do with both hero and the tree then.

Reply DrKK (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 12:04 pm

oh no.
Don't you dare.

Reply Guest, September 27th, 2014, 7:44 pm

rgb, if you kill assock, i wont forgive you no matter how dapper you are. i can see it in your face. the hands in front of face pose. DONT DO IT MAN!!!!!

Reply Sakemeroze (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 12:05 pm

Assock what if it talked before the tree? Gasp

Reply dreyzik (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 12:12 pm

this page is nothing short of adorable

Reply crossstitch, September 21st, 2014, 12:36 pm

He is so done with this hero

Reply AWA1997, September 21st, 2014, 12:46 pm

*gasp* Do we finally learn what Assok is?!?!

Reply namliveD, September 21st, 2014, 1:00 pm

Is assok stealing hero's voice?

Reply Excitable Fan (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 1:12 pm

Wait, does this mean Assok is going to become a part of the group and make the duo a sort-of trio? That would make me so happy...

This is all too beautiful for life, I love it. All of it. Although, I wonder if RGB is going to explain why he's amazed by Hero (or Assok). He might turn on his heel and explain nothing, after all...

Reply teehee111 (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 3:05 pm

Is he praying in that bottom middle panel? Looks like it.

Reply Rynn Wolfe (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 4:56 pm

@teehee111: I think it's more of a Sherlock-esque steepled-fingers-against-the-mouth pose. A thinking pose, per say.

Reply Gociak (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 9:34 pm

@Rynn Wolfe: might be a prayer as well - "give me patience, because if you give me strenght, I might just kill her..."

Reply Meemie7, September 21st, 2014, 4:00 pm

Oh, I think I understand. It was Assok that made that sticky thread stuff, wasn't it?

Reply Samjez (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 6:07 pm

Before you didn't draw any shadows, but with the sun like thing in the sky now, there are shadows on the ground :D That's some fine attention to detail, props to you.

Reply letta (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 8:44 pm

No idea what's going on, but I loved the last four pannels, it feels like RGB is overwhelmed. I also love how happy Assok is on the last pannel. =')

Reply Caelidra (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 9:58 pm

Is anyone else finding themselves strangely attracted to RGB? I think it might be the clothes. E'ry gurl crazy bout a sharp dressed (tv-headed)man...

Reply cannibalrabbit, September 21st, 2014, 10:10 pm

@Caelidra: yep same here. haha.

Reply Nai (Guest), September 21st, 2014, 10:30 pm

Oddly enough, yes... @Caelidra: I have absolutely no idea why and I have to remind myself that he has a t.v. for a head and no visible body. But damn that body shape and clothing style. XD

Reply Psonic98 (Guest), September 23rd, 2014, 11:54 am

@Caelidra: Same here. I'm always attracted to a sharply dressed man. (So long as he doesn't look like an a-hole) I always really liked RGB for the way he dresses and talks. :)

Reply Fligleflorence, December 14th, 2014, 4:45 pm

@Caelidra: aw, yeah you know it ;)

Reply Silaya Arctic Prower, March 3rd, 2015, 6:34 pm

@Caelidra: agreed

Reply Fairyth (Guest), April 28th, 2015, 9:19 pm

@Caelidra: Since the first page! :p

Reply Andrea (Guest), September 22nd, 2014, 7:30 am

i actually just had to look up transcendent and i CANNOT wait for the next page. feels

and rgb is acting perfect after like a great revelation. a relevation to him, at least. not us. NEED MORE SOON

Reply flamefriends, September 22nd, 2014, 8:01 pm

This reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who (David Tennat reign) Where this creature took over this woman's body and essentially stole The Doctor's voice. He almost died there (again). I bet Assok is a creature similar to that. He's definitely some sort of mimic.

Reply Navigator-Fitz (Guest), September 22nd, 2014, 11:30 pm

This is exciting yet a touch worrying. And RGB is perfect in the bottom panels.

Reply Andrea (Guest), September 23rd, 2014, 7:27 am



Reply Signs (Guest), September 23rd, 2014, 12:48 pm

Assok's speech bubbles are different. The squares were bigger before, and less densely packed...

Reply Silaya Arctic Prower, September 23rd, 2014, 1:45 pm

i want RGB to be my friend.

Reply skyathan (Guest), September 24th, 2014, 9:31 am

AH! could it be that assok's been trying to eat away the stuff covering the tree all by himself this whole time? And that's why he sounds the way he does?

Reply Guest, September 26th, 2014, 12:03 pm

@skyathan: That's what I was thinking too!

Reply Hugmonster (Guest), September 25th, 2014, 2:53 pm

Oh god.. I think I just suddenly, wholly and completely figured out what this comic is about and it breaks my heart.

Reply Wonderment (Guest), September 26th, 2014, 6:33 am

Why does everyone think RGB is mad at Hero?

I think he's IMPRESSED by her.
Think about what the word Transcendent means. I think she's flown right on passed all of his expectations.

Reply Guest, September 26th, 2014, 1:51 pm

@Wonderment: yeah! I think RGB is doing his typical 'trying-not-to-seem-very-impressed-or-appreciative' mannerisms. I think he's blown away by both Hero AND Assok

Reply Fligleflorence, December 14th, 2014, 4:49 pm

@Wonderment: Huh you are right! checky checky here! tran·scend·ent



adjective: transcendent

beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience.
"the search for a transcendent level of knowledge"

•surpassing the ordinary; exceptional.
"the conductor was described as a “transcendent genius.”"

synonyms: incomparable, matchless, peerless, unrivaled, inimitable, beyond compare/comparison, unparalleled, unequaled, without equal, second to none, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, nonpareil; More
exceptional, consummate, unique, perfect, rare, surpassing, magnificent

"a transcendent genius"

•(of God) existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the material universe.

synonyms: mystical, mystic, transcendental, spiritual, divine; metaphysical
Yup he digs her awesomeness.

Reply u_queen, September 26th, 2014, 4:04 pm

You are GOD!! I read the whole thing in one sit. Really loved everything so far, from the art to the story and the dialogues, I will follow this story to the end of my days :D

Reply Fligleflorence, December 14th, 2014, 4:47 pm

You know I could imagine RGB streaking. XD just imagine a floating TV head... O_o

Reply No life, May 30th, 2015, 11:59 pm

The page isn't loading for me T^T

Reply AAAAAAAAA (Guest), August 30th, 2018, 2:22 pm

Ok. So. I decided to reread the comic whilst I wait for the next update. AND I JUST REALIZED THAT ASSOCK COULDN’T TALK ON THEIR OWN BECAUSE THEY ATE THE GOOP. ASSOCK. MA DOOD

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