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July 22nd, 2015, 4:22 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply Modmad, July 22nd, 2015, 4:22 am

Bonus Wednesday update! Thanks for supporting me so far, and so much! :D

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User's Comments:

Reply Tara (Guest), July 22nd, 2015, 4:55 am

This comic is so clever! How do you come up with this stuff...

Reply Darth AWQ, July 22nd, 2015, 6:58 am

Everything/Nothing is Fine....

Reply Guest, July 22nd, 2015, 4:03 pm

@Darth AWQ: Nothing can harm the trees...

Reply American_Ariel (Guest), July 22nd, 2015, 9:13 am


Reply Story Guardian 171 (Guest), July 22nd, 2015, 10:30 am


Reply letta (Guest), July 22nd, 2015, 11:31 am

After watching Gravity Falls. everytime I see a triangle I can't help but to think of Bill Cipher (also known as the demonic dorito). I think he'd be more than pleased with the outcome of this story.

Either way, the art of the last pages is amazing, it reminds me of gothic glass works. Plus, now we have some insight about what happened and RGB's mission. This is one of my favourite chapters so far.

Reply angelccccccc (Guest), July 22nd, 2015, 12:39 pm

I love how the word everything is always blurred, kinda shows that everything is NOT fine

or is it really the word everything....?

Reply Turq_N, July 22nd, 2015, 1:03 pm

God damn this is a beautiful comic and I absolutely love it, but I really want to see this market and what RGB ment by "Armour"

Reply Guest, July 22nd, 2015, 1:21 pm

I'd be super stoked if this story was sung as a ballad of some sort. Creative minds, GOOOO!!!

Reply Novanto, July 22nd, 2015, 2:13 pm

Oh my Ra... the eye... that was one of the eyes of the mask!

Reply Guest, July 22nd, 2015, 7:25 pm

"...everything is fine."



Reply Nondescript, July 22nd, 2015, 8:43 pm

Reminds me of Dark Souls in a way.

Reply Guest, July 22nd, 2015, 11:22 pm

"Sea of Limen"

limen li-men
n. pl.

The threshold of a physiological or psychological response.

Reply RandomFangirl (Guest), February 9th, 2019, 8:20 am

@Guest: Is it supposed to sound like "subliminally"?

Reply wait a gosh darned minute (Guest), July 23rd, 2015, 4:22 pm

they're walking through an alley of trees

underneath the sea of limen


Reply Jorb (Guest), July 25th, 2015, 2:18 am

@wait a gosh darned minute: Oh my god I CANNOT believe this comic

Reply Bagels (Guest), July 25th, 2015, 12:42 pm

someone explain this to me ;-;

Reply TheInsaneArtist (Guest), July 28th, 2015, 1:25 am

@Bagels: Try saying Sub-Limen-Ally out loud fast. What word does it sound like?

Reply Bagels (Guest), August 11th, 2015, 9:14 pm

@TheInsaneArtist: ASDFHJKLG thanks so much i get it now. oh my gosh

Reply This is why I read the comments (Guest), March 25th, 2018, 1:17 pm

@wait a gosh darned minute: omg

Reply wait... (Guest), July 23rd, 2015, 10:43 pm

The sea is in the sky, so the sky is blue. Thats why it was brighter when they were on the trees

Reply Fairyhaven13 (Guest), July 25th, 2015, 11:46 am

Mind Blown Whoa... the world is fine, everything is fine, but NOTHING is fine... RGB is stinking clever, but he's only clever because ModMad is even MORE so. How do you DO that????

Reply Andrea (Guest), July 25th, 2015, 2:11 pm

hot damn

Reply American_Ariel (Guest), July 26th, 2015, 7:26 pm


Reply enen (Guest), July 27th, 2015, 10:47 am

say, in chemical equations...a triangle means heat is added, right?

Reply American_Ariel (Guest), July 27th, 2015, 11:33 am


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